Participant Bag Drop-Off

If you have time between your final meeting and your departing flight and don’t want to carry your luggage, please feel free to drop off items at the Michigan State University premises in the morning before the participant breakfast.

The office will be open starting at 8:00 am for people to drop their bags off before the morning Prep & Breakfast session begins at 8:30 am. Jacob Courville, the Assistant Director of the MSU Washington Office, will be there for most of the day but if you come late please call the office at 202-678-4000 ahead of time to verify that someone will there. You will have to check in with the security guard at the desk in the first floor lobby.

Do not leave bags/luggage in the hallway outside the front door.

1100 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Suite 735
Washington, DC 20003

Walk: 12-15 minute walk straight up New Jersey Ave to Capitol Hill

Metro: 1100 New Jersey Ave, SE, is located directly across the street from the Navy Yard Metro Station (Green line). EXIT THE STATION AT NAVY YARD on the M Street & New Jersey Avenue side taking the escalators to the surface. Then cross the street to the entrance of the building just left of the CVS.