3/23: DOE Appropriations Letter

This past March, several members of Congress joined together in support of “robust and sustained funding for the Department of Energy Office of Science” in a letter to the House Appropriations Committee. As you make your way around the Hill, please be sure to thank any office you are meeting with who is a signatory of the letter.

Read the full letter here.

List of Signatories:

Hultgren (R-IL)
Lujan (D-NM)
Newhouse (R-WA)
Foster (D-IL)
Bera (D-CA)
Blumenauer (D-OR)
Bonamici (D-MA)
Capps (D-CA)
Cartwright (D-PA)
Chu (D-CA)
Cicilline (D-RI)
K. Clark (D-NY)
Y. Clarke (D-NY)
Cohen (D-TN)
Comstock (R-VA)
Connolly (D-VA)
Conyers (D-MI)
Courtney (D-CT)
Cummings (D-MD)
D. Davis (D-IL)
R. Davis (R-IL)
S. Davis (D-CA)
Defazio (D-OR)
DeGette (D-CO)
Delaney (D-MD)
DeLauro (D-CT)
Delbene (D-WA)
DeSaulnier (D-CA)
Dingell (D-MI)
Duckworth (D-IL)
Edwards (D-MD)
Ellison (D-MN)
Eshoo (D-CA)
Esty (D-CT)
Fattah (D-PA)
Fudge (D-OH)
Garamendi (D-CA)
Gibson (R-NY)
Grayson (D-FL)
A. Green (D-TX)
Heck (D-WA)
Higgins (D-NY)
Honda (D-CA)
Huffman (D-CA)
S. Jackson Lee (D-TX)
Kind (D-WI)
King (R-IA)
Kinzinger (R-IL)
Kuster (D-NH)
Langevin (D-RI)
Levin (D-MI)
Lipinski (D-IL)
Loebsack (D-IA)
Lynch (D-MA)
Maloney (D-NY)
McGovern (D-MA)
McNerney (D-CA)
Moore (D-WI)
Nadler (D-NY)
Holmes Norton (D-DC)
Perlmutter (D-CO)
S. Peters (D-CA)
Plaskett (D-VI)
Pocan (D-WI)
Polis (D-CO)
Price (D-NC)
Rangel (D-NY)
Rush (D-IL)
Schakowsky (D-IL)
Schiff (D-CA)
Robert Scott (D-VA)
Sinema (D-AZ)
Sires (D-NJ)
Slaughter (D-NY)
Adam Smith (D-WA)
Speier (D-CA)
Swalwell (D-CA)
Takai (D-HI)
Takano (D-CA)
Titus (D-NV)
Tonko (D-NY)
Tsongas (D-MA)
Van Hollen (D-MD)
Welch (D-VT)
Zeldin (R-NY)